Designing an Application

System Design and Development

System Design & Development is the process of building an application, system and processes from beginning to end. Depending on the specific needs of the client, Openix Solutions experts implement a firm architecture for the system, including components, modules, interfaces and data.

Governance and Strategic Planning

At Openix Solutions, we understand business needs, the stakeholder expectation and we believe in transparency, communication and well-coordinated IT operation. We work within the structure of your company and take a deep dive into understanding the processes that are in place. Our goal is to become familiar with our client’s space and the challenges that they face. At all levels of design and development, we are actively engaging with our clients to provide valuable, measurable and analytical breakdown of the progress.

​We take an integrated approach to the mission of the organization and develop a holistic IT structure that effectively captures the processes of the business and enables growth. Systems are designed and developed to solve existing business problems, as well as to provide acceptable solutions to problems that may arise in the future.

System Design and Requirement Analysis

Openix Solutions consultants are experienced in both agile and waterfall development or a hybrid of the two. We help teams implement the appropriate agile/waterfall development processes which caters to the structure of the client’s business environment.

Integration and Testing

We can help implement processes that, based on the client’s IT environment, enable us to recommend and execute automated unit testing, system testing, and GUI testing, which allows for reduction of testing time and costs.

Transition of Work

At Openix Solutions, our developers ensure that and finished project is transitioned adequately to our clients. Through our consulting services, we work closely with our client’s engineering staff so that they can take over the processes once our services are rendered. We firmly believe that “if you give a person a fish, they will eat for the day. But if you teach that person how to fish, they will eat forever.”

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