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Small and Startup

Small and Startup Business

Starting a new business brings many challenges. Each challenge must be addressed with a large number of steps. As an investor and/or entrepreneur, many of these challenges can be significant barriers which may result in slow forward movement or in some cases terminal. Startup Business consulting services provide help with setting up and overcoming the initial challenges of an enterprise. To help organizations, Openix Solutions consultants specialize in offering unique expertise that blends diverse entrepreneurial experience, real business insight and practical solutions.


It is essential that startup projects seek professional IT and business advice and support prior to beginning operations or shortly after. Openix Solutions works directly with the client to identify the most critical challenges, barriers and steps. Once these are recognized, we help them to execute in a controlled, secure and efficient manner.

What will you gain?

-  Clients, who work with our consultants, understand much better the initial setup needs required to run an enterprise.

-  Clients gain expertise in establishing a cost-effective, secure and stable IT infrastructure and efficient business                     operations which gives them an advantage in getting to the next phase of their organization. This helps startups with           avoiding high cost and reducing time wastage.

-  Clients can focus on other vital elements of the newly formed enterprise knowing that you have a trusted, skilled and           expert partner in Openix Solutions.

-  Working with an experienced and trusted partner. Openix Solutions consultants help clients through analysis, statistics,       data analytics and strategy advise. Clients partner with our experienced consultants to plan critical steps business.

Our goal, with working closely with our clients, is that our client is able to better understand all the aspects of IT infrastructure, business operations and system enterprise. The client is provided insight and gains clarity when working with us.


IT is one of the most rapidly changing field in business. Openix Solutions will work closely with our clients to establish their IT needs:

  • Desktop/laptop computers needs and setup

  • Complete Web development

  • Mobile devices requirements and setup

  • Cloud computing services

  • Business Websites and other media platforms

  • Business Documentation

  • Custom Software needs.

  • Computer-aided design (CAD) systems

  • Ensuring valuable business data is backed up

  • Maintaining systems performance and workflows

  • Providing training on efficient use of systems

  • Advising on technology upgrades to improve business productivity

  • security risk assessment and audit