Managing Partners


Roman Khmaladze

With 25+ years of leadership in various healthcare IT initiatives and background in developing and designing enterprise IT solutions using business intelligence and structured data management. Roman was an innovator with the voice driven EMR technology, successfully leading development efforts to create a completely structured and automated EMR system from inception to commercialization.


Vilma Khmaladze

With 20+ years of experience working in the IT industry, Vilma has proven leadership credentials to implement effective decision-making measures and strategic technical proficiencies within IT projects. Vilma has led large scale, high investment projects successfully from inception to completion. She is experienced with leading various Healthcare IT services and innovative IT products.


Noman Siddique

Serving almost 10 years within Healthcare IT, Noman has served in various management roles for products/projects run by State Agencies, private insurance providers and EMR technologies. Specifically, leading operations and management of deliverables, Noman has proven success with leading overall operations while connecting objectives with business development and growth.