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Enterprise Workflow

Digitizing your workflows focuses on the orchestration or sequencing of activities required to operate a business, whether as a straight-through or human-assisted process, or as case management. Digitized workflows enable business professionals to participate directly in designing business solutions, rather than forcing them to write requirements and hand those requirements over to IT.​

Enterprise workflows enable organizations to automate and optimize their business process. This helps with streamlining the execution of processes, increase productivity of processes and their deliverable, automate the interoperation with other systems and applications, minimize the need of manual user intervention, greatly lower operating costs and essentially allows you to focus on other aspects of business.​

Consider the following example:

In healthcare, patient care begins with when the patient requests an appointment with their physician and is a continuous effort by the care team to provide adequate services to the patient, coordinate with clinical support teams and management teams, document and record data, administrate the operation, manage reporting needs, integrate with various vendors and governing bodies, work with payers. All these moving pieces can be done using slow moving, manual person-to-person interaction with rapid software-driven solutions through automation.

Openix Solutions provides detailed strategic enterprise workflow applications planning and development. Our highly skilled enterprise architects and engineers help clients plan, document and implement a complete enterprise workflow package which include (and not limited to):

- Intuitive representation of design and workflow documentation.

- Develop and implement automated systemic solutions of workflows to increase productivity, reduce costs and errors.

- Design and implement industry standard integration methodologies to connect with other systems, sub-systems and            applications.

- Provide hand-on user training experience and highlight wherever human input is required.

- Integrate with data warehouses and business intelligence systems for analytics and reporting.

- Develop and create single purpose and batch reporting capabilities.

  Openix Solutions works closely with their clients to identify their needs and depending on the clients environment and        technology infrastructure, our engineers and architects will customize workflow applications and develop specialized          interfaces to create an optimal system enterprise workflow.