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DevOps consulting services
from strategy to action

DevOps as a Service

DevOps consulting services: from strategy to action

The way forward for all companies is marked by three longstanding software development goals: faster software deployments, universal code security, and top-level predictability for new functionality. As a DevOps company, our goal is to help you achieve all of these, no matter where you currently are on your DevOps journey. Whether you’re at level 1 or level 3 maturity, we can help you sustainably move at least two steps ahead. We’ll help you create a DevOps strategy formalizing your way towards your desired DevOps state and get hands-on with your current application development lifecycle. Step away from production chaos and move toward a structured development environment, optimized for frequent automated deployments of fully tested releases with minimal code churn.

Continuous feedback

Continuous integration

Continuous deployment

Infrastructure as code

Configuration management

Release management

Continuous monitoring


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What our DevOps engineers do?
  • Due diligence of existing systems current state

  • Solution Architecture for moving Enterprise to the Cloud

  • Data transfer from existing infrastructures to the Cloud 

  • Project management

  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CI/CD) implementation

  • Optimizing release cycles

  • Performance testing and benchmarking

  • Processes and Procedures Automation

  • Monitoring, analytics and reporting

  • Security evaluation and enforcement

Our DevOps engineers using following technology stack
  • Scripting: Bash, Python, Groovy, Ruby, YAML

  • OS: CentOS, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Linux, Windows

  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Mongo DB

  • Clouds: AWS, Google

  • Containerization: Docker, Kubernetes, Helm Charts

  • Virtualization: KVM, Xen

  • Continuous code quality: SonarQube

  • VCS: Git, Gerrit, GitHub, GitLab

  • Search and analytics engine: Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash)

  • Monitoring: Nagios, Icinga, Monit, Telegr , Influxdb, Grafana

  • Configuration management: Chef, Ansible

  • Infrastructure as code: Terraform

  • Atlassian products support: (Confluence/Jira)

  • Networking: TCP/IP Network Stack (Routing, Switching, VPN, VLANS, Firewall)

  • Other: ELK Stack, Jenkins

Why should you hire DevOps engineers?

Deep knowledge of specific techniques, methodologies, and tools allows our engineers to identify the bottlenecks in the development process and come up with a customized approach to creating a reliable IT infrastructure and accelerating your project. DevOps engineers lead the team through the entire project lifecycle and facilitate efficient solutions for developing reliable, scalable, and secure software at a lower cost.


What other benefits do DevOps as a service companies offer?

Comprehensive security posture 

The core DevOps principles downstream automated flows, continuous feedback, and continuous experimentation are equally applicable to security. Building a better DevOps culture also translates into a stronger security posture. Openix is among the few DevOps companies that place a strong emphasis on weaving security best practices into an upgraded application delivery lifecycle.

Cross-skilling improvements

DevOps is a culture, and a culture can’t be forged through commandments alone. During our partnership with a client, one of our main goals is prompting internal transformations among teams so they’re personally sold on the benefits of DevOps. Through knowledge sharing, training, and peer work, we’ll help all of your team members gain new skills, distributed across rigid roles.

Automated quality assurance

Automated testing is a core part of DevOps. However, that doesn’t mean your QA team will be left out. On the contrary, with the introduction of Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing, the roles and responsibilities of QA specialists will only grow in importance. Let’s re-imagine the role of quality assurance within your company together.