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Compliance as a 

HIPAA Compliance as a Service 

You take care of your patient services, we have your back when it comes to HIPAA and other compliance topics.
Keeping up with the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) can be a challenge for all Medical Service Providers (MSP). New or renewed state laws for data protection, cybersecurity, critical infrastructure, etc. are also coming into force. MSPs who do not actively track these requirements expose themselves to risks such as
fines, damage to reputation etc.
Together with the provider of 360inControl® we offer a fully managed service that allows you to relax when it comes to HIPPA and other compliance requirements. The service includes:

1. An initial assessment with a FIT/GAP analysis including determine the scope
2. Definition of necessary actions and improvements
3. Frequent reviews and follow ups


The service can be tailored to your organizational set up and size. Benefits for your organization with our offer are:

● Initial consulting session for free
● Reduces risks including fines and liability risks
● All Third Parties can be covered if needed
● Merger and acquisition evaluation support on request
● Inspection ready at any time
● Regular reporting on status of compliance and improvement activities
● Scalability when needed e.g. other Governance Risk and Compliance functionality
● Fix price service based on Service Level Agreement (SLA)


We make your inspection ready at any time. It reduces the risk of an incident, in compliance and fines. Book your free first consultation                                                                                                     👇👇👇

 360inControl® is a Swiss Made new generation of an internal control system (ICS) that comprises governance risk & compliance (GRC), information security management system (ISMS), an inventory with customizable classification levels and audit management. Beyond compliance and operations, it provides information and hence business centric Integrated Risk Management (IRM) functionality. The provider CISS - COMPREHENSIVE INFORMATION SECURITY SWITZERLAND Ltd has a long standing knowledge in pharmaceutical risk and compliance topics.